Hunting cynology

Cynology is one of the most important areas within the framework of the Polish Hunting Association. A dog is more than just a friend and grateful companion on a hunting adventure. A hunting dog used for hunting purposes is, most of all, a reliable and irreplaceable assistant, carrying out clearly-specified tasks and fulfilling the hopes invested in them by hunters. Owing to their inherent instincts and specialized training, the work of a hunting dog on hunting grounds significantly increases the effectiveness of hunting for birds and large wild game, and allows for ethical, righteous, and humanitarian hunting in line with applicable laws and tradition.

Currently, about 32,000 hunting dogs belong to Polish hunters, and their number is gradually increasing. In order to meet the expectations of hunters with regard to dog training, and, in particular, to verify and enhance the hunting usability of dogs, the Polish Hunters Association organises a number of cynological events and training courses every year. A broad range of dog-hunting trials and competitions (over 200 events were planned for the 2013/2014 season) for dogs of various ranks and specialisations includes events that have inscribed themselves in the annals of hunting cynology due to their regular character. The oldest competitions include, among others, the Stanisław Gachowski International Earthdogs Work Competition, the Dr. Jan Oset International Boar Hunting Dogs Competition in Przechlewek, the International Bloodhounds and Scent Dogs Work Competition for Polish Hounds and Polish Hunting Dogs in Olsztyn, the Colonel Piotr Kartawik International Boar Hunting Dogs Work Competition for Polish Hounds and Polish Hunting Dogs in Wrocław, and the International Scent Dogs Work Competition for Dachshunds in Grębowo.