Polish Hunting Association

“Hunting, as an element of protecting the natural environment, represents—in the meaning of the Act—the protection of wild game (game), management of animal resources in compliance with the principles of ecology, and sustainable agricultural, forest, and fishery management.”

“Wild game in a natural state, as a national good, constitutes the property of the State Treasury.”

“Game management is an activity in the field of protection, breeding, and acquiring game.”

“The chief administrative body of the government in the scope of hunting is the Minister of the Environment.”

“Unless the Act provides otherwise, the local government of a Voivodeship deals with game management, performing the task in the field of governmental administration.”

“The objectives of hunting are:

  • the protection, preservation of diversity, and management of wild game populations;
  • the protection and shaping of the natural environment for the improvement of game welfare conditions;
  • the achievement of the highest possible individual condition of animals and quality of trophies, as well as the appropriate population of particular game species, at the same time preserving the natural balance;
  • meeting social needs in the scope of hunting, cultivation of tradition, and propagation of hunting ethics and culture.”


źródło: USTAWA z dnia 13 października 1995 r. "Prawo łowieckie"