How to become a hunter

Training for candidates for pha members

Within the time limit set by the Regional Management Board, a candidate undergoes training, during which he/she gains practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of hunting. There is the possibility of participating in the course during the internship; however, one can only take the exam following the completion of the internship.


  • Provisions of Hunting Law and relevant executive acts;
  • Provisions of the Act on firearms and ammunition, and relevant executive acts;
  • The organisational structure of the Polish Hunting Association;
  • The rules and conditions of hunting;
  • Principles of protecting the environment and basic animal species covered by species protection;
  • A list of wild game species, their biology, and the period of hunting for each particular species;
  • The structure and allowed types of hunting rifles and ammunition; the structure and use of teleoptical sights in hunting; and other elements of basic hunting equipment;
  • Rules for the safe and efficient use of hunting rifles;
  • Basic diseases of wild game, and methods of their identification;
  • Hunting cynology;
  • Rules of hunting ethics, culture, and traditions, taking into account hunting jargon and signalling, the history of hunting, and hunting as a culture-shaping factor;
  • Methods of dealing with shot animals, using game meat, and preparing trophies;
  • Rules of hunting management, taking into account the principles of ecology, including the rules of creating and recreating ecological corridors;
  • Rules and methods of providing emergency first aid.

The conditions for conducting an examination are regulated by the ORDINANCE of the MINISTER OF THE ENVIRONMENT of 28 December 2009 on hunting authorisations.