How to become a hunter


The easiest way to start an internship is to contact a local hunting club—or, even better, a representative of club management—and submit an application for participation in an internship. If, for some reason, you are unable to contact the hunting club, you should visit the Regional Management Board of the PHA corresponding to your place of permanent residence (list of regional assemblies), and express the wish to take part in the internship programme and become a member of the Association. In such a case, the Regional Management Board is obliged to indicate a hunting club or an Animal Breeding Centre suitable for internship.

Club management has the right to adopt a resolution that does not allow a candidate to take part in an internship programme, while the Regional Management Board is obliged to indicate a place of internship for the candidate.

Please note: the following persons are exempt from the need to perform an internship:

1) Persons holding higher or intermediate forestry education certificates
2) Persons holding other higher education certificates with specialisation in hunting
3) Hunting guards performing their functions for no less than 2 years
4) Foreigners and Polish citizens who have the intention of permanent residence abroad, if they hold valid hunting authorisations issued in another country
5) Persons who were previously denied their membership in the Polish Hunting Association

Internship is a twelve-month period during which a candidate gets acquainted with all aspects of hunting. This is the time when you integrate with club members and take active part in club operations, construction of hunting devices, feeding animals, hunting as a beater or observer, etc. The club’s management board notifies a competent Regional Management Board of the PHA of the beginning of the internship of a future adept, and the Regional Management Board issues an internship book and enters the data into the electronic register. The date of data entry into the register represents the actual date of the beginning of the internship. After successful completion of the internship, the club’s management board issues a certificate of completion, which provides the opportunity to start the course for new members.